Transparent Baitfish fly

I’m not sure who the originator of this type of pattern is, but no doubt it was designed with Sea Trout in mind, however it’s one of those patterns that is far more versatile than perhaps the originator intended. Certainly it will take Bass and Pollock here in the U.K but no doubt many other species around the world will find it’s simple elegant form attractive enough to munch on !

So here’s a variation that I have come up with. The body is made from Sybai Polar Flash Dubbing which is a beautiful soft translucent material that I think suits the design parameters of this pattern down to the ground. In the core is a tiny pinch of Deer Creek Laser Dub in red, a very thin mylar tube is used for the tail to which I have inserted a grizzly hackle to form the Caudal fin. The head is finished with a small amount of Deer Creek fine flex UV resin. I’ll certainly be carrying a few colour variants of this fly in my box next season !


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