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New Sybai products!

As well as topping up with some of the more popular products from Sybai such as Supreme wing hair and Lincoln sheep hair, we have added Fine Trilobal hair and Mobile flash hair to the range. Two superb products that are suitable for a wide variety of applications in Saltwater and Predator flies!We have also … Read more New Sybai products!


Difficult times

Difficult times ahead… Just to let you know we are continuing to operate as long as humanly possible during the crisis we are currently facing. As long as the postal service keeps running, and we can obtain products from our suppliers we will carry on providing our customers with high quality fly tying materials via … Read more Difficult times


Fly design – Considerations and Hydrodynamics

I’ve had this Article going around in my head for some time now, so lets tackle some of the more technical points of tying flies for Predators focusing on Baitfish patterns. For the beginner fly tier this article may only serve to make the prospect of tying their own flies a more daunting prospect, however … Read more Fly design – Considerations and Hydrodynamics


Back in stock!

Two of our more unique products are now back in stock. Pearl Crinkle hair and Crystal minnow. Both have their own individual characteristics. Pearl Crinkle is more suited to Pike flies giving you bulk without weight and Crystal minnow is great for smaller Perch and Saltwater patterns or just for adding subtle shimmer to any … Read more Back in stock!


Pike season is here!

Pike season has finally arrived and there will be many keen fly anglers turning their attention to their local river, canal or Stillwater in search of these amazing creatures. Perch are also coming to the fore as a worthy target on fly gear too so don’t neglect what is one of my personal favourite species. … Read more Pike season is here!

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Chris’ Vlog Episode 4 is now Live.

I didn’t get out much on the Fly during June due to the somewhat erratic weather patterns we had, however I did manage a few Ultralight lure sessions. I think there are quite a few Fly anglers that also enjoy a bit of Lure fishing and in my opinion it pays to keep your options … Read more Chris’ Vlog Episode 4 is now Live.


Chris’s Vlog episode 3 is now Live! Saltwater fly and lure fishing.

Unusually May has been a tough month in the Salt on both Fly and Lure. See how I got on in this month’s Vlog. If you enjoy the Vlog’s please give them a thumbs up, Subscribe to the channel and leave me a comment to let me know.



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