Hot new Dubbings!

Our Awesome new Dubbings are flying off the shelf! No wonder when you see just how great they are! ‘X’ Dubbing and Arctic breeze produce some fantastic looking results. Perfect for Bass flies or heads on large Pike streamers. Super easy to work with and loads of Dubbing in the pack so you can tie … Read more Hot new Dubbings!

New Sybai products!

As well as topping up with some of the more popular products from Sybai such as Supreme wing hair and Lincoln sheep hair, we have added Fine Trilobal hair and Mobile flash hair to the range. Two superb products that are suitable for a wide variety of applications in Saltwater and Predator flies!We have also … Read more New Sybai products!

Fly design – Considerations and Hydrodynamics

I’ve had this Article going around in my head for some time now, so lets tackle some of the more technical points of tying flies for Predators focusing on Baitfish patterns. For the beginner fly tier this article may only serve to make the prospect of tying their own flies a more daunting prospect, however … Read more Fly design – Considerations and Hydrodynamics

Silver Scales Scissors now in stock!

We have commissioned a nice range of Scissors bearing the Silver Scales brand, these high quality tools come in three sizes, a 4 inch standard blade suitable for cutting Hair and Fibre, a 4 inch and 3.75 inch with Precision tip blades for finer work such as trimming thread and accurate trimming of fine materials. … Read more Silver Scales Scissors now in stock!

All colours of Sybai Supreme Wing hair back in stock!

This beautiful material is proving to be very popular, you can create some wonderful flies for both Fresh and Saltwater Predators with it.  It’s light and mobile and very little is needed to create a good profile. Use it on it’s own or in conjunction with other materials from our range, it works especially well … Read more All colours of Sybai Supreme Wing hair back in stock!