Step by Step Mylar Sea Trout Candy

Here is a step by step for a simple little fly that catches Sea Trout as well as lots of other Saltwater species.
It’s a fairly quick simple little fly to tie requiring minimal materials but is a very effective fish catcher !

Take a size 6 hook and insert it into a short piece of Mylar tubing by squashing the tube between your finger and thumb and pushing the eye of the hook into the tube. Thread the hook along to the opening in the end.

Next attach some mono thread near the eye of the hook. Make a few turns and then add some glue to secure.

Next Catch in the Mylar by making a couple of large loose turns and gradually drawing it down making sure to secure all the strands.

Once you have done this, whip finish and secure with some glue and then add your eyes.

Begin applying the first coat of resin to the head. Allow the resin to soak into the Mylar.

Keep building the coats of resin up until you have a nicely shaped body.

Now take a length of mono and form a loop with a couple of overhand turns, slip this over the end of the tail section.

Take a small bunch of flash or Marabou or whatever you want to make the tail from. Glue the ends together so you can insert it into the tail section of the fly.

Bring you mono loop over the tail insert and gently draw it down tight to secure the tail in place. Secure the knot with glue or resin. Trim off the tag ends.

The completed fly.

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