Step by Step Buckfibre Surf Candy

Our Buckfibre is not only a great substitute for Bucktail but very useful for many other patterns. In this Step by Step I am using Buckfibre to re create one of the most famous Saltwater Patterns of all time, Bob Popovics Surf Candy, or my version of it that is a great representation of a Sandeel.

The Surf Candy is great for all Saltwater species including our native Bass and Pollock.

For this Pattern the ingredients you will need are:

Buckfibre – Dark Olive

Buckfibre – White

Sakuma 410 Stainless hook in size 2

Sybai Pearl body braid

A wide flash such as Magnum Flashabou

Veevus 140 thread in White

Solarez Thick and Thin

4mm eyes

Red Sharpie, optional

The first step is to lay down a thread base, take the thread to the start of the bend of the hook.


Attach the body braid

Return the thread to the eye of the hook and palmer the Body braid towrads the hook eye but stop a few millimetres short to allow for tying in the Buckfibre

Now invert the hook and tie in a sparse 3 1/4 inch bunch of White Buckfibre in reverse as in the picture. Taper the fibre before tying in.

Return the hook to normal position and tie in another sparse bunch of Olive Buckfibre on top of the hook.

Tie in another sparse bunch of White on top of this

Tie in the wide flash down either side the same length as the Buckfibre.


Now comes the tricky bit, fold all the Buckfibre back over the shank of the hook but not the flash. Hold the fibre in position and brush with Solarez Thin top and bottom then set with torch.

I don’t bother whip finishing and just let the resin do the job of securing the thread for me. Simply trim the thread off after setting the resin.

Now move onto the Solarez Thick and build the body up a little, rotating the vice constantly to ensure even distribution. Before setting the resin fold the flash back so it sticks to the resin and set with Torch.

If you want to add a throat with the Red Sharpie do it at this stage but allow the ink to dry before applying more resin.

Add some Eyes and continue building up the body with Solarez Thick, always rotating the Vice and allowing the resin to self level. Never be in a hurry and take your time to get the Resin evenly distributed and level.

The finished fly