Saltwater fly season underway!

At long last the Saltwater fly season is here! All over England and Ireland Bass are starting to show in reasonable numbers accompanied by other viable fly targets like Pollock and Garfish. Hopefully some Mackerel will show behind them and later in the year the Scad ( Horse mackerel ) will present another fly target. I … Read more Saltwater fly season underway!

Theory into practice, first fly caught Bass of 2018.

Following on from the previous articles on Bass and putting theory into practice, the Boss of Silver scales bagged his first fly caught Bass of the 2018 season yesterday evening. Although the fish weren’t monsters they were very welcome considering the erratic weather we have been experiencing recently. Despite the evening being fresh with a cold … Read more Theory into practice, first fly caught Bass of 2018.

Saltwater fly fishing- equipment recommendations

In the previous two articles I covered the subjects of whether to tie your own flies and which one’s to tie if you decided to have a go yourself. I have made the assumption so far that the reader is already suitably equipped to fish in the salt with regards to rod, reel, line etc. … Read more Saltwater fly fishing- equipment recommendations

Saltwater fly fishing, which flies should I tie??

Following on from the last article, I thought I would discuss more in depth which flies any newcomer to Saltwater fly fishing in the UK should look at tying and using to try and catch Bass or any of our other native saltwater species. Probably one of the easiest flies for a new tier to … Read more Saltwater fly fishing, which flies should I tie??

New Saltwater fly season approaching! To tie or not to tie?

Ok in all honesty it looks like the Saltwater fly season may well arrive a little late this year for those of us who are super keen to make a start, me included! The very cold snap we have recently experienced in this country sent the sea temperatures plummeting setting the arrival of our Saltwater … Read more New Saltwater fly season approaching! To tie or not to tie?

Craft Fur Baitfish

There is no doubt Craft fur is an excellent and very popular material for tying flies, but I think many beginner fly tiers struggle to master the techniques needed to achieve a satisfactory result. Indeed I admit it took me a while to master the material but once I did I was able to produce Patterns … Read more Craft Fur Baitfish

Barred Livebait Minnow

Here’s a nice little pattern that I’ve called the ‘Barred Livebait Minnow’ At around 4 inches long and tied on a size 4 hook it’s perfect for a wide range of species around the world but was designed and tied with European Seabass and Seatrout in mind. Made from my own ‘Crafty Minnow fur’ for … Read more Barred Livebait Minnow

New stock flies coming soon !

I am gradually filling the shop with stock flies over the next few weeks so that customers can just point, click and buy ! Here is a taster of what is to come, these are my Bass Minnows designed for European Sea Bass and very effective they are too. They will also be attractive to … Read more New stock flies coming soon !

Polar Flash Dubbing

Here’s a great material by Czec company Sybai, their Polar Flash Dubbing. This is a super fine and soft material with superb translucent properties. The Dubbing also has a super fine flash blended in. Not as short as normal Dubbings this is designed specifically for Bonefish shrimp patterns and small Baitfish imitations and is cut … Read more Polar Flash Dubbing

Transparent Baitfish fly

I’m not sure who the originator of this type of pattern is, but no doubt it was designed with Sea Trout in mind, however it’s one of those patterns that is far more versatile than perhaps the originator intended. Certainly it will take Bass and Pollock here in the U.K but no doubt many other … Read more Transparent Baitfish fly