Step by Steps EP Baitfish


I have put together this step by step for an EP Baitfish by popular demand. Material control is paramount when constructing this type of fly,  paying particular attention to material distribution and amounts used.

This Fly was tied on a size 4 Sakuma 410 and produces a Minnow of around 4″ in length. I have kept to a simple two colour scheme to make it easier to follow but you can add extra colours to achieve a more natural transition between colours as you master the tie. Enjoy !

I begin by taking a piece of material approx. 1/2 inch or 13mm in width when relaxed, this is the amount I use throughout the fly.

Take a pre tapered piece in this case I use around 3″, and tie in a single tail piece at the rear of the hook.

Next I take another piece of material and place it along the top of the tail piece so it stops about 1 1/2 to 2″ from the end of the tail allowing a little extra for reverse tying.

Reverse tie this piece in on the underneath of the hook and then another of equal length and of the chosen colour on top of the hook like this, and add a few strands of a fine flash, I’ve used Flashabou here.

Fold your material back towards the bend of the hook, ensuring your thread is butted right up against the material evenly before folding back .Use your fingers or an empty pen tube.

At this point, take your time to make sure the material is evenly distributed around the hook shank, so there are no gaps, use your thumb nail or a suitable implement to do this.
Once you are satisfied that  the material is in the right place form a thread cone against it but not too tight to the material, just up against it or it will force too slim a profile.

 Wet your finger tips now and stroke the material down to begin giving you an idea of the profile and to smooth down any stray fibres so they do not get in the way.

Now repeat the previous process but make the sections just a tiny bit shorter than the last to help with tapering the fly.

And now a third time…

Finally form your last thread cone on the nose of the fly, again do not force the nose of the fly back by tying it too tight to the material, just nicely up against it.

Now you can dress the fly by combing through it with a bodkin needle to blend the fibres a bit more neatly. Smooth it all back down into place with wet finger tips.
Add your eyes…

Finish the eyes and nose of the fly with UV resin.

The finished fly ready to catch some fish !

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