Saltwater fly season underway!

At long last the Saltwater fly season is here!

All over England and Ireland Bass are starting to show in reasonable numbers accompanied by other viable fly targets like Pollock and Garfish. Hopefully some Mackerel will show behind them and later in the year the Scad ( Horse mackerel ) will present another fly target.

I have been out a few times on the fly and managed a few fish, no larger specimens yet but any fish on the fly is reward enough for the effort.

So what materials am I using in my own flies? Well a firm favourite of mine is Preyfish fibre for Baitfish patterns along with Big fish fibre. These two materials stacked and trimmed make great baitfish flies that hold their shape nicely in the water, add a little Sybai Saltwater angel hair in and you’re definitely onto a winner!

Our fish Scale body tube also makes excellent surf Candy type patterns as well as little flashy patterns for the Mackerel combined with Sybai Saltwater flash hair.

If you’re a Clouser fan then The Buckfibre is the one for you, a great synthetic substitute for natural Bucktail, again with a few strands of crystal flash or angel hair blended in it’s another bang on pattern for the salty predators!

We would love to receive your catch reports especially if they were caught on flies tied with our materials, send them to us at and we’ll set up a customer gallery!



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