Polar Flash Dubbing

Here’s a great material by Czec company Sybai, their Polar Flash Dubbing. This is a super fine and soft material with superb translucent properties. The Dubbing also has a super fine flash blended in. Not as short as normal Dubbings this is designed specifically for Bonefish shrimp patterns and small Baitfish imitations and is cut … Read more

Flash Blend Flies

Flash Blends are a staple material for all sorts of flies for Predators both Salt and Fresh water ! sheds water well, light and castable, good movement and looks great ! This fly is tied Hi Tie style with my own ‘SPF’ ( Saltwater and Predator Flies ) version, chosen and hand blended by me … Read more

Busy times !

Time for an update ! As for other current projects we are now coming into freshwater Predator season here in the UK so the focus is on Pike, Perch and Zander which begin to feed more aggressively as temperatures drop and winter approaches. Now is a great time for the predator angler to focus on … Read more

New step by step added, Foam Grasshopper !

I have put together a new Step by Step for a nice little Foam Grasshopper pattern, if you enjoy fishing on the surface with foam insect patterns then you may want try this one 😉 https://www.silverscalesflytying.co.uk/step-by-steps-foa/ I don’t claim to have invented this pattern because I didn’t but I did take several ideas and combine … Read more