Difficult times

Difficult times ahead…

Just to let you know we are continuing to operate as long as humanly possible during the crisis we are currently facing. As long as the postal service keeps running, and we can obtain products from our suppliers we will carry on providing our customers with high quality fly tying materials via our Website and eBay shops. We are currently stocking up on some of the more popular lines and would GREATLY appreciate your valued and continued support during this difficult time. We are a small family run business and passionate about what we do. It isn’t just a job for us, it’s a way of life. Our service is personal and we have many returning customers that will verify this and whom we consider to be friends. We would love to continue that level of service and making new customers and friends throughout the fishing world.

As a Nation We have been instructed to ‘stay indoors’ and isolate ourselves to prevent the spread of this horrendous disease. For many, this will sadly be the end of their angling for a while. But no doubt there will be the rebels! The hot topic of whether Angling qualifies as ‘Exercise’ or not is raging around Facebook groups and internet forums after the Prime minister’s recent address. For the die hards, that want their fishing ‘exercise’, unless you live, or you can find somewhere isolated, miles away from other people to fish, then continuing this side of your passion may prove difficult with many commercial fisheries and angling clubs following government advice and closing their gates for the foreseeable future…

But all is not lost. We can still tie flies and fill our boxes ready for the time when we can re engage in our passion! And what better way to pass our time in isolation than sitting at the vice whipping up new creations and improving our tying skills!
I have always seen fly tying as not just a means to an end, ultimately to put a fish on the bank but also as a separate art form in its own right. And dare I say, even a science? I don’t know how many flies I have tied over the years, but it’s a lot, many of which were never used and remain in boxes for posterity. But they gave me enormous enjoyment and pride at the time and were a yardstick by which to judge my own progress as a tier. Though they may never have been used, they were never a waste of time. The more you tie the more you learn, and isn’t that one of the greatest joys in life? Well, It is for me…?

Stay safe everybody, keep in touch with us, and thanks in advance for your continued support. See you all on the other side..


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