Iain’s Buckfibre Sandeel

One of the most popular materials we sell here at Silver Scales fly tying is our lovely Buckfibre material. Buckfibre is great when used as a synthetic substitute for natural Bucktail but it can be used as a material in it’s own right to tie some very effective patterns! Like most materials Buckfibre can be tied in different … Read more

More Jig fly success!

Steve Bewes has been back out on his local Canal catching numerous Perch with his deadly Jig flies! The Perch certainly seem to be liking the Jig flies and of course Steve uses some of Silver Scales materials in the recipe including Preyfish fibre and Sybai Angel hair. Steve also use Silver Scales Jig heads featuring VMC … Read more

Oh My!

Whenever I see Pete Kennetts flies my immediate reaction is Oh My! Pete simply ties such beautiful flies, the profiles are perfect and you can imagine the movement created by his style of tying. Pete mostly ties Jig flies but these are tied using Dumbell eyes to help keel them. Of course Pete uses some … Read more

Pete’s Poppers

Pro Team Member, Pete Kennett is hoping to tempt a few Pike on these stunning poppers that he has tied up. They use Silver Scales Big Fish Fibre and Crystal Flash in the Tails which are matched up with Sybai Fluo Eyes all tied on the reliable Sakuma Manta Extra 545 Pete said “Previously, I’ve made … Read more