Jig fly SBS by Lee Harper-Smith.

We’re always happy to take requests for Step by steps for fly patterns and wherever possible we will try to oblige with a demonstration of how myself or one of the Team ties a particular fly. We were recently asked for a SBS of a Jig fly on a big hook such as a 6/0 for use on a spinning rod, so Team member Lee Harper-Smith who is a very successful Pike Angler on his local river Wye took up the challenge with his own interpretation of how a Jig fly should look. Great looking Fly Lee and thanks for the SBS!


3 colours of Livebait Dubbing (my favourite head material)

2 contrasting colour Blends of Preyfish Fibre, Bigfish Fibre and Sybai Saltwater Flash

Banded rubber legs (optional)

Blend of Flashabou, Bigfish Fibre and Sybai Saltwater Flash plus 2 strips of 2 tone Zonker (optional)

Sybai Flou Eyes 10mm

Before following the below step by step images watch the blending video and the video on Perch Baitfish that demonstrates how to use Livebait Dubbing

Lay down a thread base and seal with super glue

Blend your chosen colours of Big fish fibre along with some flash ( see blending video )

Attach as below

Fold back and whip down


Take some Zonker and another piece of Big fish fibre blend

Whip in as below

Fold back and whip in some Barred rubber legs ( optional )

Change to a contrasting colour blend of Big fish fibre and flash

Whip in as before and fold back

Now take your chosen colours of Livebait dubbing and attach as below



Tip : Use a hair grip to hold material in place neatly

Tip : use super glue to seal all whippings for extra security

Once the shank is filled bring thread forward and form a thread cone in front of the nose of the fly and whip finish.

Give fly a good comb to shape and add eyes if required.

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