Winter series ‘How to’ video’s

We all know how dark and dismal and depressing the long winter nights are, and passing the time until it warms up again while dreaming of our favourite angling spot can be agonising!

Don’t despair! As far as I am concerned fly tying was made for winter evenings! I like nothing better than to sit down in front of the vice with a nice warm cup of my favourite brew and tie a few patterns up. Once upon a time I would also have the laptop open while watching a video of how to tie a particular pattern or use a certain technique, and I still gain inspiration from other people’s ties and I know they do the same from mine.

So with that in mind, I have decide to make a winter series of how to video’s to hopefully inspire and help others with their tying during these long dark nights! The video’s will vary between short  films of tips and techniques lasting a couple of minutes to full blown tying vids!

To kick things off I have put together a quick video on how to blend flash into materials. This is no great mystery of course but I believe it is something few tiers do to customise their materials. Blending the right colour of flash into your chosen material can really pep up that special tie!

So check out the first in the series and I really hope you enjoy watching them all as much as I enjoy making them!

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