Magnum Flashabou (7 Colours)

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Wider and much more durable than regular Flashabou!

A high quality version of this classic fly tying material, use it to enhance your Pike and Predator flies and trigger an aggressive response! Amazing light reflecting qualities

As a professional fly tier I demand nothing but the best and this is the flash I use myself.

Approx 150 strands per pack. 1mm wide.

Please note this material is slightly stiffer than Regular Flashabou as is specific to it’s purpose.

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Pearl, Yellow, Gold, Copper, Pink, Orange, Green

2 reviews for Magnum Flashabou (7 Colours)

  1. Lee

    Great for lateral lines or used in the tail of big flies for pike, it creates a hypnotic movement through the water.

  2. iainmortimer

    This is another material that does so much more than the obvious. Yes it’s tough and very mobile meaning I use it a lot as a lateral line or as tails but it does so much more. Try building a body up with thread or Antron and then use magnum flash over the top to create the most amazing body for smaller fry imitations from wee trout patterns, to Perch size flies through to bass flies – especially effective with simple hair wing patterns. This stuff is tough but to make it indestructible or to build a transparent body for an even better effect try coating it with Solarez thick or thin. You can do a similar thing to build a flashy head or cut into shorter strands for tails on smaller flies. In fact just get some and go wild – you won’t regret it!

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