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Buckfibre is a great substitute for Bucktail, fine straight strands with a slight crinkle. Most patterns that utilise Bucktail can be tied with this material.

Why use a substitute for Bucktail?

In my opinion most of the Bucktail we get in this country varies tremendously in quality, and unless you can go to a shop and physically pick through the Bucktails on sale and find a half decent one it can be a bit hit and miss ordering them online. The majority of the very best Bucktails stay in the United states, the one’s needed for tying Hollow flies and other similar patterns where the finest and softest hair is required for the best results. I find most Bucktails in the UK unsuitable for this and results can be very disappointing!

Buckfibre is great for these types of patterns, either tied wholly from the fibre itself or blended with Bucktail to make it go further and achieve a smoother profile.

Buckfibre is not an artificial Bucktail but has similar properties to natural Bucktail.

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White, Light Olive, Chartreuse, Lemon zest, Kingfisher blue, Mint Green, Tangerine, Black, Soft Pink, Dark Olive, Tan, Red, Pearl Pink, Pistachio green, Medium Olive, Denim Petrol blue, Iced petrol blue, Lavender, Herring blue, Light smoke

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  1. stevebewes93

    I have used this fibre to tie my favourite Sempre fleye. This is a good alternative to natural bucktail being long and soft with just enough stiffness. I used the standard hollow tie method to good effect To flare it a little more I used body tube. As the fibre is not hollow it allows the fleye to sink quicker but still with lots of movement. Love the colours too.

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