Solarez UV resin

I am very pleased to announce that Silver Scales Fly Tying is now a Solarez stockist!

Solarez is probably the best UV resin on the market, and I can say that with authority because I have had the chance to use and test a great many of the other UV resins on the market!

Once cured it is absolutely bone dry, that is to say there is no sticky or tacky residue left behind on the surface of the resin that then has to be re coated with varnish to give a final dry finish. This would seem to me to be not only self defeating but also very uneconomical! Why not just use a product like Solarez that does the job properly in one hit?!

Solarez comes in several different versions and at the moment we are stocking the fly tie tubes in Thin and Thick versions. We will also be stocking the flex soon as well as other larger sizes for those who tie a lot of flies or tie professionally. Solarez is definitely the Pro’s choice and if you’ve never tried it then I suggest very strongly that you do!

Head over to the shop and take a look 😉

1 thought on “Solarez UV resin”

  1. I’ve tried the so called “Best” and I wasn’t impressed with them. Tried Solarez and I couldn’t believe the difference. Minimal smell, easy to work and dries bullet hard (follow the instructions in the packet for the very best results)

    Will certainly purchase this product again.

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