Sybai 3D Fish eyes – Photo realistic – New!!


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Fantastic Photo realistic Eyes from Sybai!

Available in four types, Roach, Perch, Pike and Tuna, each in various sizes.

As always5mm with Sybai products, in my opinion, the very best fly eyes available on the market today.

Super adhesive for initial positioning.

20 eyes per pack.


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Roach 5mm, Roach 6mm, Roach 8mm, Roach 10mm, Perch 5mm, Perch 6mm, Perch 8mm, Perch 10mm, Pike 5mm, Pike 6mm, Pike 8mm, Pike 10mm, Tuna 5mm, Tuna 6mm, Tuna 8mm, Tuna 10mm


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