Pike season is here!

Pike season has finally arrived and there will be many keen fly anglers turning their attention to their local river, canal or Stillwater in search of these amazing creatures. Perch are also coming to the fore as a worthy target on fly gear too so don’t neglect what is one of my personal favourite species. It goes without saying that the shop is fully stocked at this time of year in preparation for the tying side of things and our own team is producing some cracking patterns using our materials. Some of the team have already banked some lovely specimens recently too so watch out for more catch reports over the coming months.

Above is a great tie by David Warren using our Big fish fibre and Livebait dubbing with a little Sybai Saltwater Angel hair mixed in.
A lovely pattern made by Steve Bewes using Stacked Big fish fibre
A superb fly caught Pike by Irish Team member Jonathan Bartley.

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