How was your opening weekend to the River Season?

Silver Scales Pro Team Member, Lee Harper-Smith has been putting our rubber legs to good use and having fun on his local river with a frog fly pattern to tempt Chub. As you can see from the picture, Chub love to nail a big bait like this!

The fly uses the following:

White Veevus Thread
Rubber Legs (in Green, Brown and Chartreuse)
Sakuma Manta Extra 545 2/0
6mm Silverscales Eyes
2mm Foam in Green & White from a Craft Shop and a brown marker pen

Gentle jerks of the fly make it work like a frog and work the legs nicely with them returning to their forward position naturally in the water on the pause and folding backwards on the pull.

Chub are great sport when caught on the fly but always remember to use a trace if pike are present.


How did your opening weekend on the Rivers go?

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