Lincoln Sheep hair

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If you’re looking for a good quality, cheap alternative to Icelandic Sheep hair this great product from Sybai is the perfect candidate!

Great for Big Streamers, You don’t have to use much to create a nice bulky profile.

11 Perfectly dyed colours to choose from.

Great Quality and Value!

3g pack.

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Cream, Tan, Fluo Chartreuse, Fluo Yellow, Fluo Pink, Golden Olive, Black, Fluo Orange, Red, Aquamarine, Grey

1 review for Lincoln Sheep hair

  1. stevebewes93

    This is a great product. The fibres are much stronger and slightly thicker than your standard roving wools. The wool is also longer too. Great for heads on pike flies or using it for the whole fly. It does not mat as much as other wools when wet. A very versatile product. Generous hanks.

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