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Silver Scales BIG FISH FIBRE is a soft, voluminous, translucent hair. Ideal for big Pike and Predator streamers but can also be tied in shorter and trimmed to make smaller Baitfish patterns. Great for creating bulk using very little fibre.

Generously Hnaked, you will get numerous flies from this excellent value fibre!

See our video of how to blend in your own flash!

A little goes a long way with this fibre!

A wide range of colours is available for this lovely material including solid colours as well as special blends.

Probably the best value material on the market!

How to tie a baitfish pattern with Big fish fibre!


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Baitfish belly, Snow white, Chartreuse, Lemon Zest, Orange, Mint Green, Hot Pink, Herring blue, Yellow, Ocean, Lime Juice, Tutti, Baitfish blue, Seafoam, Perch, Mullet, Blood red, Silver, Neon red, Candy pink, Black, Polar Ice White, Smoke grey, Baitfish Olive blend, Baitfish grey, Tan

1 review for Big Fish fibre

  1. stevebewes93

    I have been using this product since it’s launch to tie various Pike flies. Nice soft fibres with a soft sheen. You do not need much to build a good profile without adding weight. Used sparingly it can be used to create large and small baitfish patterns. Following the blending instructions in the video it is easy to create unique blends. A very versatile product. Thanks.

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