Sybai Ghost Hair

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I am very excited about this new version of a Silver Scales best seller!

New bigger pack size ! New longer fibres ! approx. 6-7 inches. ( See note below on pack size ).

This unique hair is superb for tying Baitfish patterns for Pike and Saltwater fly fishing.

Very fine and soft with a translucent appearance.

Catches the light and shimmers even though there is no flash blended in.

Makes lovely mobile Flies and can be used on it’s own or combined with other materials.

The colours are perfect and this is one of the best quality hairs I have seen and as a professional fly tier I see a lot, this is worth every penny.

Please note: On first glance it may seem that the pack size is small, this is due to the nature of the fibre and is deceiving in that once out of the packet it will expand and increase in volume.

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White, Chartreuse, Mint Green, Blue, Aquamarine, Bright Green, Tan, Grey, Orange, Fluo Salmon, Salmon Pink, Olive, Red

1 review for Sybai Ghost Hair

  1. m.leathwood

    This is a really interesting material which, I must admit, I struggled with a bit at first. The fibres are quite crinkly and the way they catch the light gives them a bit of a shine. I did think the crinkly fibres would lend themselves to providing bulk, but the possible mistake I made initially was to try and tie flies using just ‘Ghost Hair’ in isolation. The material is a little unruly and the first few flies I made were really rather untidy and lacking the fishy profile I was trying to achieve. However, I soon learned that ‘Ghost Hair’ works extremely well when tied in sparingly, as part of a combination of materials. I had particular success tying roach pattern flies using small quantities of ‘Ghost Hair’ in white and grey together with longer, straighter fibres such as ‘Preyfish Fibre’. The overall effect this achieved was that the ‘Ghost Hair’ provided a bit of bulk and flash towards the head of the fly and really helped in generating a fishy profile.
    A good friend has had success with flies tied using ‘Ghost Hair’ on its own, so don’t rule this out as a possibility. The fibres do tend to calm down a bit when the finished fly is wetted, and I suspect that further experimentation will result in a lot more possibilities.

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