Fish Scale Body Tube

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Four sizes available 3.2mm, 6.4mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm.

Flexible and Expandable!

Holographic effect, looks just like fish scales!

Create Heads, Bodies and Bellies on your Saltwater and Predator flies!

Can be coated in UV resin to add depth or more realism!

High quality product !

Comes flat packed but can be pre-shaped into cylinder using steam or warm water. Simply insert a suitable sized pen, pencil, kebab stick and hold over steaming water or dip in warm water. Wait until it cools for a few seconds then remove pencil and hey presto a ready made head, body or belly! Warning please be careful when doing this so as not to scold yourself! Wear gloves or some other protective item! Silver Scales does not accept any responsibility for burnt fingers !!

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3.2mm, 6.4mm, 12.7mm, 9.5mm

2 reviews for Fish Scale Body Tube

  1. Lee

    Having used other mylar tube which is just silver in colour this stuff is much better and gives a fishy look to the body, when finished with UV resin it really brings out the colours. For different colour effects you can also use it over the top of different coloured fibres, black being my favourite.

  2. iainmortimer

    It’s body tube. It’s just to make bodies right? Wrong! Because it’s hollow I often use it to add rattles to my flies that are tied with loose fibres too. Just tie in your tail section and then opposite the barb, tie in the body tube so it extends over the eye of the hook. Cut the tube a 2mm or so in front of the eye, drop in a glass rattle or a few glass beads and carefully push it back until you have a cone shape. Tie it off a 5-10mm behind the eye and you now have a rattled body. The cone is also a very good support for your thinking bred making the creation of a nice body shape easy. I love this stuff for that benefit alone. Of course you could just use it to make amazingly holographic bodies too…

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