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Solarez is simply THE BEST UV resin on the market ! Its quick set, clear, non sticky residue formula is the market leader.

Most other UV Resins leave a slight residue once cured, especially the cheap versions! This means your flies will pick up dirt and dust and will not look their best after you have spent so much time and effort tying them! No such Problem with Solarez, it cures completely dry and rock hard so your flies will be durable as well as looking tip top!

You will get plenty of heads and bodies worth of resin from these tubes, the thin formula being best for smaller flies such as buzzers and nymphs and the thick is best for bigger Saltwater and Predator flies, particularly the famous Surf Candy by Bob Popovic.

The tubes have a built in nozzle offering good control over the amount that is dispensed making them economical with no waste.

I guarantee you will love Solarez, especially if you are fed up with sticky heads and bodies!

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3 reviews for Solarez UV Resin

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    An excellent resin that is easy to use and cheapest on the market, which is surprising as in my opinion its also the best – drying fully once zapped with the torch – no more waiting around or getting in a mess with 5 minute epoxy resin! As always a great service from Chris at Silverscales.

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    Again as above great resin to work with. I have just taken a delivery from Chris on a full set to top up my supplies. Yet to try the flex but I’m sure it will be equally as good as the thick and thin resin. I ordered it and received it the following day great service and low price product that does what it says on the bottle.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Having heard great things about Solarez UV cure resin, and being low on my usual Bug-Bond, I decided to get my hands on both the Solarez thick and thin resins from Silver Scales Fly Tying.

    The blurb that came with it describes the thinner viscosity as having an ultra-hard finish that’s scratch proof and the thick as being for body parts, heads, eyeballs and egg sacks. So as someone who ties both trout flies and large predator flies these two ought to cover all my bases. Interestingly though there’s also a flex resin available for ‘knots and swimmers’ but I couldn’t see how I’d use it.

    Now of course I could’ve just tied some flies to see how it performed. However, being a scientist at heart I decided to compare The two Solarez resins with the Bug-Bond on equal terms.

    What I did was to put a roughly equal sized blob of each on the base of a PET meal tray to see how they spread after 30 seconds. The thinner Solarez as expected spread more than the thick with the Bugbond spreading to a similar extent as the thin Solarez.

    So having done that, I then cured each with the relevant UV torch for 30 seconds. Both of the Solarez resins dried rock hard with a lovely shiny finish. As expected the Bugbond had a slightly tacky finish which is something I’ve never liked and as a result when using Bugbond I always overcoat it with a varnish of some sort to stop it dulling and to prevent my flies from sticking together. That is something that just isn’t needed with the Solarez.

    So it’s fair to say that while all three will do what’s asked of them in relation to forming a body or head, Solarez gets my vote due to the way it dries making it more fit for purpose. I also liked the smaller nozzle on the Solarez tube which will allow more control when applying it.

    So while admittedly that’s a first impression from a pretty unscientific study, I’m sold on it. In fact, as the flexible Solarez resin doubles for wader repair I might also buy that after all!!

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